Conformal Cooling Molds

Lakme Cosmetic Cream Jar Mold

  • Conformal cooling in Sub Cavity insert upto 50HRC
  • 8 cav valve gate
  • Cooling time reduced by 60%
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16 cav Valve Gate Cap Molds

Engine Oil Cap Molds for brand HONDA

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Multicavity Unscrewing Cap Mold

Multicavity Cap Mold for Axe Saving Lotion with 16 drop HUSKY system

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Customer Centeric Approach

We value our customers and that is evident from the bonds we have built with our customers over the years. At JAP we understand the real needs and constraints at the client location and we extend the following various services.


Prototyping using 3D Printing and/or Pilot Tools

At JAP, our engineers undertake development and piloting of innovative product concepts. Extensive research on product design feasibility and DFM analysis is undertaken during the design stage. Depending on the client needs and time constraints we can deliver prototypes within a week using the 3D printing technology and pilot tooling. The results from the proto mold are captured, analysed and later applied  to the production tool. Our experience in piloting makes the transition from concept to go to market seamless and economical.

Inhouse Mold Validation

As a client you need the molds to deliver quality products to run at optimal cycletimes to ensure minimal downtime during mould maintenance. At JAP special care is taken to ensure the mold meet all these criteria through a rigorous mold validation process. This ensures that clients don't have "surprises" at their plant during the production run.

New Product Development Case Studies...

Kindly go through few of our case studies that highlight our capabilities in supporting you for you Go To Market strategies with new innovative projects